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US cell phones in New Zealand

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  1. patcas

    Number sequence to call a US cell phone from a US cell phone in New Zealand? In addition, how to call those US cells from the USA? I assume the phone number form is 1-(area code)-XXX-XXXX.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master

    Hello Patrick,
    Nothing changes in the way other people call a cel phone roaming in another country. In other words, people from the US or from any country will dial your number as if you were in the US.

    What changes is the way you place calls from a cellular using a foreign wireless carrier. Instead of using 011 to call internationally you will use 00 in New Zealand. Moreover, you will dial local numbers in their local format.

    To call a US cell also in NZ you wil basically dial as if you were calling the US and the call will then be redirected back to NZ: 00 1 ??? ??? ????. Both phones will incur international charges unless otherwise stated by your wireless company.

    I hope this helps.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. patcas

    So..if someone in the US desired to call my US cell in NZ, he/she would simply key in 00-1-???-???-???? and....while back in NZ, US cell #1 would key 1-???-???-???? to raise US cell #2

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. admin
    Key Master

    That's incorrect. That's exactly the opposite of what I said above. I said that people call you AS IF you were in the US. Do people in the US ever dial 00 1 ??? ??? ???? to reach you when you are in the US? Not likely. They dial 1 ??? ??? ????.

    When you are in NZ with your US cell, in order to call another US cell also in NZ you will use 00 1 ??? ??? ????.

    I hope this is clearer. Below is a link to an article on this site explaining international roaming in detail:

    Posted 6 years ago #

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