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us cell to us cell in Japan and vice versa

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  1. lchageman

    verizon wireless sold us an escapade phone for my daughter's trip to japan. however, it only worked when she first got to her hotel in kyoto. (she was able to pick up 3 texts that I sent her previously and get one out). Don't think she used any special exit or country codes to send her text and I didn't to text her. Since then, throughout her stay (KYoto, Okayama, Tokyo) hasn't received any messages or been able to send and I can't reach her by voice either. She updated roaming and has tried exit codes +, etc. and I have done the same but no luck. I tried to call her with exit/country codes and got number not in service message. Calling without them I was able to reach her voicemail, but no idea if she'll be able to retrieve, since none of my texts has been delivered.

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  2. admin
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    To call your daughter you must dial the US number as if she were still at home. If all you get is her voicemail then I would call Verizon to inquire about this. To call you she must use 010 1 followed by area code and local US number.

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