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US cellphone attempting to call Ukrainian cellphone

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  1. drbook

    I've been attempting to call a Ukrainian cellphone (011-380-66-477-xxxx) from an American cellphone for 24 hours. Every time I call I receive a recording stating that "All international circuits to the country you are calling are busy - please try again later" followed by either 007t or 007p. I've called countless times at all hours of the day and night. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. admin
    Key Master

    This is an unusual situation. Have you tried using a different line to place this call? Also, make sure you call at a not so busy time of day (check out Ukraine's time on ).

    If you want I could dial the number for you just to see if I hear the same recording.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. drbook

    Thank you for getting back with me so quickly. I've called at non-busy times as well. A question . . . I linked to Rebtel on your site - do you think this would resolve my problem? If so, it would be great as the AT&T rate is .99/minute. Thank you.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. admin
    Key Master

    It's likely that Rebtel would solve this problem for you because you would use their connections to place the call. Try it and let me know how it's worked out. In fact I believe they give you a free trial call so you wouldn't have to buy anything beforehand.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. al

    how to text from laptop to mobile number,to and from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine?

    Posted 3 days ago #
  6. admin
    Key Master

    Hi Al,

    Not sure what you mean by texting from your laptop. It depends on the service you intend to use. The sequence for texting to a foreign country is the same one used for dialing a phone call. In the case of Ukraine it is: 011 380 followed by a 9 digit cell number which may not begin with zero (if it does you should leave out the zero). You can also use +380 instead of 011380 when using a cell phone to call/text. More info at:

    From the Ukraine to the USA: 00 1 xxx xxx xxxx or +1 xxx xxx xxxx. More info at:

    If you are using an online based VoIP service follow their instructions. Normally, the sequence should be the same, but they could for instance ask what country you are texting to and only require you to enter the local number (without 011 and 380).

    I hope this helps.

    Posted 2 days ago #


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