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Using US mobile in Sweden, want to call Swedish mobile

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  1. zuzu2222

    I plan to meet with an acquaintance when I reach Stockholm. I'll have my U.S. cellphone, calling to his Swedish cell. Anything special I need to do? Should this be an expensive call, even it is only brief enough to establish a meeting place and time?

    Also, I'll be starting a 12-day cruise through several nations on the Baltic. Should I buy a separate cell for any necessary calls? Disposable cell or otherwise?


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  2. admin
    Key Master


    To reach your Swedish friend's mobile phone you should either use the number in its local dialing format (07x xxxx xxxx) or, using the international dialing sequence might also work: +46 7x xxxx xxxx.

    Regarding calling rates - using a mobile phone abroad does generally involve high charges. You would have to talk to your wireless provider about this.

    Using a local phone is usually a cheaper option, but since you will be traveling through several countries it might not prove practical. If you have a smart phone, installing a VoIP application such as Skype or Rebtel and placing calls via a WIFI connection when available would certainly cost less.

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