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wrong country code

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  1. christina

    I'm from the Philippines and I've been trying to call a friend who left for the middle east but I'm not really sure where exactly. Some said he's in Saudi Arabia while others say it's UAE. He's using a cellular network from the Philippines with the number 0939xxxxxxx. I tried calling him with a Saudi Arabian country code, thus 0096659xxxxxxx and with UAE country code, thus 0097159xxxxxxx. First, I would like to ask if I was able to convert the mobile number for an international call for both country correctly? And, if there is any way for me to know where exactly in middle east is my friend just by calling him on his cellphone? Cause I always get the message "the number you are calling is switch off" whenever I call KSA but whenever I use the UAE number I just get beeps and then gets disconnected. I can't also send SMS using the UAE number. So I'm just wondering if it could mean that he really is in KSA or I just got the UAE number wrong. Tnx :)

    I was trying to find my previous query to post some additional infos ans questions as well. My friend's phone number is a roaming number from a cellphone network here in the Philippines and I read that calling and texting to a roaming number from a home network is just the same as if he's here in the Philippines. I already tried that but my call just gets disconnected after a couple of beeps. Does that means that I also have to activate my phone's roaming?

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  2. admin
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    Hi Christina,

    You are right, you don't need to add any international dialing codes when calling a Philippines cell located abroad. You don't have to activate roaming to be able to call it. Most likely there is an issue with your friend's phone. Maybe he doesn't have roaming activated, or the phone is turned off. Hard to say. What you could do - call his wireless provider - they might be able to give you some details on his whereabouts (they could possibly tell you if his contract is still valid, or if he has been using his phone abroad, etc).

    One thing I would like to clarify: I noticed you added digit 5 to your friend's cell when trying to call him using Saudi Arabia and UAE's country codes. Of course this couldn't have worked. Apart from that, our pages provide information on how cell numbers look like in most countries. For these 2 countries for example, all cell numbers start with 5. If you have a cell number from these countries, it should already include the starting 5 (no need to add it again).

    I hope this helps.

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