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    Chile’s Ministerio de Transportes y Telecomunicaciones recently published a calendar of changes in Chile’s telephone numbering plan. The changes consist in adding digit 2 (two) to all fixed local numbers except for those in area codes 32 and 41 (local numbers in these area codes were changed in 2007). When these changes are fully implemented all fixed telephone numbers in Chile (area code + local number) will be 9 digit.


    • former Santiago local number (without area code) 421 3500 becomes 2421 3500
    • former Arica local number 25 4968 becomes 225 4968

    Today, November 26, 2012 telephone numbers in both Arica and Santiago Metro Area are already updated as described above. Telephone numbers in remaining areas (except for area codes 32 and 41) will be updated until June 2013.

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    A partir del 5-sep-2016 y luego de implementar de forma total la portabilidad num?rica en Chile:

    – No existen los c?digos de zona (o c?digos de ?rea) dentro de Chile
    – Todos los n?meros telef?nicos contienen 9 d?gitos
    – No hay diferencia entre n?meros telef?nicos de hogar, m?viles ni VozIP

    ?nica forma de marcar en Chile

    +56 XXX XXX XXX, donde XXX XXX XXX corresponde al n?mero telef?nico (hogar, m?vil o VozIP)

    Para los n?meros telef?nicos m?viles, a partir del 5-sep-2016 podr?an comenzar con un n?mero distinto al 9.

    M?s informaci?n en


    Chile Telephone Number Portability fully implemented

    Thank you Telemensajes for posting the above message. What the post says is that on September 5, 2016 telephone number portability was fully implemented in Chile. The process started in late 2011.

    -Area codes are now part of the national number; you can no longer dial local calls without adding the area code.
    -All Chile phone numbers comprise 9 digits
    -Phone numbers can be ported between different providers, techonologies (fixed to mobile and viceversa) and also between regions of the country.

    As a result of implementing phone number portability not all mobile phone numbers begin with 9 now (when porting a geographic number to mobile for example). On the other hand, since not many people port from mobile to landline, most phone numbers beginning with 9 are still mobile phones.

    When required, dialing a ported number is followed by a short announcement before the connection is made. The goal is mainly to avoid unwanted charges.


    Changes in the way Chileans dial phone numbers nationally

    Over the past several years the Chilean Telecom Authority has implemented some important changes to the country’s telephone system.

    Here are the changes:

    • Geographic area codes are now part of the local phone number (this change was implemented in 2014); one can no longer dial just the local number to call locally.
    • There is no need to use a carrier code to dial between different regions of the country
    • The trunk code (zero) formerly used to dial phone numbers nationwide has been eliminated

    As a conclusion, today all calls dialed within Chile use the 9 digit format.

    Some examples:

    • local call to a landline in Arica region

      • before the change: xxx xxxx
      • today: 58 xxx xxxx

    • phone call from Santiago to Arica

      • before the change: 058 xxx xxxx
      • today: 58 xxx xxxx

    • calls between cell phones

      • before the change: xxxx xxxx
      • today: 9 xxxx xxxx

    • call from landline/VoIP to cell phone

      • before the change: 09 xxxx xxxx
      • now: 9 xxxx xxxx

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