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Calling West Kalimantan, Indonesia 3 skyegirl 6 years
Calling China from Japan 3 JCarby23 6 years
US cell calling US cell while both in South Africa 2 admin 6 years
call french cell in germany 2 admin 6 years
perĂ¹ cellphone number 2 admin 6 years
Calling Oz, Sth African, American + Canadian mobiles in USA from Irish mobile 2 admin 6 years
Using *67 Internationally? 2 admin 6 years
calling us cell phones from Australia 2 admin 6 years
Dialing London from US Blackberry 2 admin 6 years
Australian cell phone 2 admin 6 years
SA to BNC (Spain) mobile/sms 2 admin 6 years
How do I call Great Britain? 6 admin 6 years
Cote D'Ivoire number identification 5 roberto caravaggio 6 years
Calling England from Spain with US ATT Phone 2 admin 6 years
Foreign number break down 2 admin 6 years
Which country is this? 3 jaunty_mellifluous 6 years
pls answer if you really know 3 6 years
Need help sending sms 2 6 years
How to call a UK Mobile customer on vacation in the US, 4 6 years
Please Help Need Answer by Tonight Please-Brazil/Argentina Calls/SMS 2 6 years
Please help! Daughter is studying abroad in South Korea 4 htherjo 6 years
Call a person 2 admin 6 years
Advice on cheap calls from US to Italy? 3 beardy 6 years
phone number Peru 2 admin 6 years
Pamplona, Spain to Hawaii USA. 2 admin 6 years
how to call uk number from usa cell phone in the uk 2 admin 6 years
how to call on mobile India To Brazil (Pontes e lacerda) 2 admin 6 years
Cost to recipient of Canadian call to German landline? 3 johndonna 6 years
calling peru from australia 2 admin 6 years
calling Montreal from the USA 2 admin 6 years
calling friend in Germany on vacation from US cell to US cell 2 admin 6 years
US cell phones in New Zealand 4 admin 6 years
receiving international calls on mexico cell phone 2 admin 6 years
Help with Korean Cell Line to American Landline 2 admin 6 years
from Holland to Italy 2 admin 6 years
How to call English television numbers with a French mobile. 4 admin 6 years
2 visiting US cell phones in London 9 Steve Bryant 6 years
nz cell to us cell in nz 2 admin 6 years
israel to australia 8 gilie50 6 years
US cell phone to US (cell and lan line) 2 admin 6 years
calling US cell phone to US cell phone while both parties are in france 2 admin 6 years
From Finland to Chile 7 finnboy 6 years
text from Australia to Philippines 2 admin 6 years
odd phone number 2 jaunty_mellifluous 6 years
Calling and sms from mexico to australia and vice versa 2 admin 6 years
Number given to me 2 admin 6 years
How to call a Vietnam mobile from Macau? 2 admin 6 years
phone number 3 admin 6 years
countries with five digits phone numbers 2 admin 6 years
how to call egypt 2 admin 6 years
Text from Israel to a uk cell phone. 4 LKap 6 years
How to call Kathmandu Nepal landline/mobile while in Nepal using US mobile phone 3 amyishman 6 years
Kazakhstan with a 8 for a country code 2 admin 6 years
australia cell to thailand cell 2 admin 6 years
calling from riyadh to SA 2 admin 6 years
Making calls in Australia/NZ with my US based cell phone 4 admin 6 years
How can i call my daddy who is in Afganisthan fron Colombia 2 admin 6 years
Text Argentina from Australia 8 admin 6 years
unable to call uk from india 3 kirti.thakur5 6 years
How to determine who an international number belongs to 4 admin 6 years

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