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Mobile Calling from Brazil to USA 4 admin 7 years
How to text using South Korea Cellular phone to Malaysian Cellular phone? 4 admin 7 years
Italian cell phone number 3 Hal 7 years
calling France from USA 2 admin 7 years
indian mobile to ukraine mobile 2 admin 7 years
calling to bolivia cell phone 2 admin 7 years
talk to soldier in africa 2 admin 7 years
how to call this Guyanese cell #? 2 admin 7 years
texting 5 monkey 7 years
calling for dubai using cellphone 2 admin 7 years
SMS/texting from Norway to Canada (koodomobile) 7 viking 7 years
How to call someone 3 ami 7 years
Callin Code for Morocco 4 dolphins841 7 years
cellphone calling from Cebu, Phils. to Australia 3 mie 7 years
Cuba cell number now 'does not exist' 1 Citygirl21 7 years
would like to place a call from california to london on a cell phone 2 admin 7 years
Call my girlfriend in usa 3 dakduifje 7 years
mobiles in australia 2 admin 7 years
Very bad call quality, US -> GUAT 2 admin 7 years
network code for Simferopol 2 admin 7 years
Cheap pay as you go cards from Turkey (mobile) to UK 1 Izzyei 7 years
How to phone a UK mobile in cagyan de oro philippines, from a UK landline. 2 admin 7 years
hw to send a text message from Nigeria to Switzerland 2 admin 7 years
Need a cheap calling card for calling India 2 admin 7 years
Calling Turkey from UK on mobile 2 admin 7 years
uk carrier code 2 admin 7 years
International Operators/Calling Collect 2 admin 7 years
need help to call argentina 6 romo 7 years
Need help dialing from Brasil to the USA from my cellphone 2 admin 7 years
calling to malaysia cell using malaysia cell from korea. 4 admin 7 years
How can i call from my cell phone number from pakistan to indonesia.. 2 admin 7 years
how to call cellphone in South Korea from the Philippines? 2 admin 7 years
calling rwanda from kenya 2 admin 7 years
how to call a canadian cell phone from Ukraine 3 zoriana 7 years
call 1800 from taiwan 3 rachelseuss 8 years
Help with a phone number 3 wbjb 8 years
calling a Kuwait cell phone number in Lebanon 2 admin 8 years
spanish directory assistance 2 admin 8 years
How do you dial a Canadian cell phone that's in Sweden? 2 admin 8 years
calls to togo 2 admin 8 years
Where to make Free Calls 2 admin 8 years
calling abroad via malaysia cellular to malaysia cellular in kuwait 2 admin 8 years
Texting from Canda to Nicaragua 2 admin 8 years
How to fax internationally? 3 meprdcd 8 years
China to US restricted on certain US carriers only? 6 GlennP 8 years
Calling French phone numbers from a US Cell while in France 2 admin 8 years
How can I send a message to a cell phone in US 5 Delphianrex 8 years
code to call indian mobile from pakistan 2 admin 8 years
Call China from USA 4 admin 8 years
Calling Indonesia Toll-Free-No from Indonesia Local Phone 4 admin 8 years
Landline to Cell Phone? 2 admin 8 years
Calling from Nigeria to Bahamas 2 admin 8 years
call from abroad to cell 5 admin 8 years
call to Nigeria cell phone 2 admin 8 years
Calling Japan 3 deni33 8 years
dubrovnik call 4 admin 8 years
Chile - Residential Telephone Listings 2 admin 8 years
A OLD NUMBER 2 admin 8 years
CALLING a MOBILE NUMBER in Dubai from the Philippines 4 admin 8 years

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